I am a collection of organic molecules called Rochele. Genderqueer. My pronouns are she/her/they/them. Body positive, bisexual, intersectional feminist. Seamstress for the band. Made of love and swear words. Made of stardust. Glasses enthusiast. Sucker for fresh flowers and coffee. Surviving a global pandemic.

I’m back on the prairies, home to endless skies and a lot of vitamin D. Lately, I’m living a much slower life. I’m a septuagenarian at heart; sewing, playing cards, baking bread, and gardening. I love a clear, blue sky and enjoy waking up with the birds. Appreciating every sunrise and sunset, laying under the stars and contemplating the universe.

These days I’m trying to find joy in simple things. Things like driving the speed limit, spontaneous living room dance parties, and putting my laundry away.


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