Tweet, tweet, delete

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, unless you have ADHD and then it’s a struggle every fucking time because our brains don’t make the same neural paths that others do to make tasks feel like second nature. I’ve tried to leave social media in the past, leaving for weeks at a time, and then coming back with boundaries, which quickly dissolved into old habits.

This time was different. When I deactivated on January 24th, I had a feeling it was for good. And it was. Last week, the 30 day deactivation period expired and my accounts deleted permanently. I can only describe it like what I imagine it feels like to leave rehab. This thing isn’t part of my life anymore, but I still think about it even though I know I am healthier and happier without it.


2 thoughts on “Tweet, tweet, delete

  1. I wondered what happened to you!

    Thought about adding Twitter to the list of social platforms I’ve given up on already like Facebook and Instagram but it’s still my last hold out.
    I feel like my life is better without them BUT at the same time, a bit lonelier.

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