I’m an adult now

Gone are the days when I could buy cute, but cheap, ill-fitting shoes. Life is too short to be slowed down by blisters and cramped toes, and now… corns (ewwwwww.) I’d like to enjoy my day instead of thinking “Ow, ow, ow, maybe if I walk this way… ow, no, that still hurts,” with every step. Lately I’ve been tossing the ouchie shoes into the donation bin, without hesitation.

I must confess that I was a snot about fashion in my twenties. I swore I’d never shop for practical clothing at The Gap or buy my shoes at Naturalizer. I try not to be too vocal about my disdain for things, because I find myself eating my words a lot, but here I am; I now shop for quality and comfort over price and quantity. I’m an adult now.

ootd july 5

Summer at the office

Anyway… today I am comfortable. I’m wearing a white shirt from The Gap, and a pair of dress shorts from H&M, both pieces are a few years old. I’ve tucked the shirt in for a bit more polish, although this outfit is on the more casual side. I’ve worn these shorts with a loose, patterned, cropped tank and it’s a great outfit on the weekend. Not pictured: nude flats and the MeUndies boy shorts for women that I’m wearing under my shorts…

I recently made an investment in comfortable underwear. I have to say, it’s a little disheartening to realize that my spouse has way nicer underwear than I do, and I’m the one who buys it for both of us. $20 for a pair of boxer briefs for him? No problem. $20 for a nice pair of panties for me? Ugh, that’s $10 more than I want to pay. I’m over it, I went and purchased a whole new underwear wardrobe from MeUndies. Sorry, not sorry, wallet. Now I have my own comfortable and attractive underwear, and it’s not $25 special occasion underwear that I feel guilty wearing because it’s too nice for every day wear. In my opinion, nothing should be special occasion- underwear, perfume, dishes… but the nice underwear is also usually the most uncomfortable underwear, and it only gets worn for special occasions (re: never) or on laundry day when I’ve run out of everything else. Let’s be honest, I have fancy laundry day underwear.

Speaking of which, I’m in the middle of a laundrypocalypse epidemic again. Why can’t I do laundry like a normal person?

From Head to Ro – May 3, 2017

My fashion is really nothing special, but I wear what I want and you lovely people seem to like it. My hope is that you’ll feel encouraged to wear things differently and to find some inspiration in your own closet.

A lot of my clothes are several years old, I just keep finding new ways to wear things, thank you Pinterest! I have a lot, but I only keep what I really love. When something doesn’t fit or it looks awkward, I give it away, sometimes only after a couple of wears. Someone else should really be enjoying it rather than hoarding it for five years and then donating it to the thrift store after it’s way out of style. Be nice to other people and give back when you can. I remember being a younger person and feeling like I’d won the lottery when I found a Lululemon hoodie in mint condition at a thrift store for a fraction of the retail price.

Take risks. If it doesn’t work out, at least you know so you can try something else tomorrow. Play dress-up in your closet. Try on all your tops with each skirt, pair of pants, and shorts. You might surprise yourself with a bunch of new outfit combinations that you didn’t know existed. I often find myself thinking of outfit combos, and I keep a note in my phone to try it. TRY IT.

So here we go, the first edition of From Head to Ro, special thanks to Nick Laba for the name.

Pajama I mean palazzo pants

Today I’m wearing the office friendly equivalent of pajama pants, except they’re called Palazzo pants and mine came from H+M a few weeks ago. I ate too many tacos last night (birthday ftw) and I really wasn’t feeling my cigarette pants and I don’t own a mumu, so these were an excellent alternative. They’re 100% polyester, lightweight and breezy and I think they were $39. The next time I wear them I might try a loose cropped tank and see where that takes me. These pants also look really good with pointy flats.

I paired these with a fitted ballet T-shirt that I bought from Garage Clothing a few years ago. To be completely honest, I almost donated this shirt last week. I’m glad I didn’t.

And last but not least, I’m wearing a pair of dark blue 4″ cylinder heels from Call It Spring $59, purchased back in February. For being 4 inches tall, they’re incredibly comfortable. I’ve survived four meetings in them today.


Peep toe cylinder heels. Chunky and funky, but not at all practical for today’s rain. Meh.