From Head to Ro – May 11, 2017

Real talk: I’ve been in a rut for the last couple of days. I’ve been anxious and cranky and withdrawn, and that’s okay. I felt very frumpy yesterday. I am a wee bit puffy (THANKS FOR NOTHING, PMS) and was feeling less than svelte in my tight tank top and skinny pants, but I threw on a kimono and went to work as one does since nudity in the work place isn’t an option for me. God bless kimonos, and you betcha there is going to be a post about those soon enough.

Some days I can put on a fresh appearance and work through it, and other days I can’t. I just can’t. The last two days have been unproductive, and again, that’s okay from time to time, but I think I’m back in business today.

Oh, one more whine before I get on with things; IT’S RAINING AGAIN. Yes, I’m in Vancouver and I am used to this, but I’ll never like these dark, wet days. I almost always carry an umbrella with me, but today I was extra prepared when I wore these Jeffrey Campbell Stormy rain boots.

may 11 ootd boots

Jeffrey Campbell Stormy rain boots

They’ve got a pointier toe than the picture shows and I can wear them outside as well as around the office. I own them in black, too. I had to try very hard not to wear these every day this winter, but they went with everything. I wore them with rolled up skinny pants, skirts and tights, dresses and tights, leggings and sweaters; they truly went with everything and they came from Urban Outfitters and were reasonably priced at $62.00. 10/10 would buy again. If I had a capsule wardrobe, these would definitely be part of it.

Today I’m wearing these boots with black tights and a shirt dress with a very bold print. Cats and flowers, to be exact.

may 11 oodt

Cats and flowers

I love patterns. I wish my full-time job was to look at textiles and patterns all day long. I feel like this is a good in-between seasons look, I just wish it felt like it was between spring and summer and not winter and spring. Sigh, it turns out I’m still a little cranky. The dress came from Top Shop a few years ago on clearance and the tights are from Simons. When the weather inevitably gets nicer, I’ll wear it without leggings and pair it with pointy, black flats or oxfords, and I’ll probably fold the sleeves to my forearm to give it a less structured look.

My glasses came from FyshUK, a very fun eyewear company.


From Head to Ro – May 9, 2017 Let’s Vote

Today is the day to vote in the provincial elections in the beautiful province of British Columbia. If you’re eligible to vote, DO IT! And then make sure you post an I Voted selfie, because what else is that sticker good for?

Check here if you’re unsure where to vote and check here if you’re not sure which party to vote for. Your choice matters, you have a say in how your taxes are spent. So, go vote. Get a coffee, put some rum in your slurpie, and go stand in line to vote. Do what you’ve got to do, but please vote. The polls are open until 8pm this evening and your employer legally has to give you time to vote, and be sure to bring the appropriate ID.

MOVING ALONG. I wore an orangey-brown dress that I love and hate today. I love the pattern and it’s retro vibe, but I hate the length and the way the bottom falls so blandly. Normally I’d put something like this on and take a good look and change, but I was short on time because I had to ice cupcakes for my coworker this morning, and I’m generally a disaster most mornings anyway. I had actually intended to wear a full yellow midi skirt and a polka dot blouse but they needed ironing and I absolutely did not have time for that. Instead I threw this on and bopped out the door before I could have second thoughts.

ootd may 9I bought this at TopShop a couple of years ago and I’ve worn in three times now, but this might be the last time. It’s a wrap dress, and it’s cut quite low and requires a camisole or slip to keep it office appropriate.


Rose gold flats

I’m wearing the rose gold flats again, but I think this ensemble would look better with a tanned, chunky sandal with a heel.

I’m going to iron my yellow skirt tonight after I get home from voting so tomorrow’s outfit should be better than a C+. All around this outfit could be improved and I’m just not loving it.