Pep talk to myself

Cheer the fuck up, Rochele.

There is so much to be grateful for. You are pursuing your dreams. You are in school, doing something that you are good at, and working towards a career that you will enjoy. You are going to achieve what you’ve always set out to do. You will see the world and have adventures. 

You have a solid set of friends and family that inexplicably love you no matter what and check in when you’ve been out of their lives for too long. You are well loved, girly. These people know your faults and love you just the same. These people stick up for you when you can’t or won’t stick up for yourself. 

Despite your flaws and misgivings, you are a good person. You own up to your mistakes and you actively try to do good in the world. Forgiveness doesn’t always come easily when someone knocks you down, but you’re working on that, too. You regularly stand up for people and you have integrity.

Your vision for your future has derailed a little bit, but ultimately you know you are on a path to sorting it out. 

So cheer up, Rochele. You have a lot going for you. 

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