Lost. AGAIN.

Navigation is not one of my strong points.

I am chronically lost. I can’t read a map. Unless I can see the North Shore mountains or it’s sunrise/sunset, I have no idea what direction I’m facing. Ditto for map reading. I even manage to get lost using a GPS. Trust me, this is the ultimate failure and I feel really shitty about myself when it happens. It happens frequently.

Last night I got lost on campus. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, and there seemed to be no one around to help me find my way. Panic set in and I started walking and ended up in a place that I didn’t recognize at all. I felt tears welling up, and I felt so stupid for getting lost again and even dumber for crying about it. Why do I always do this? I look at a map, and then I get disoriented. Every. Single. Time.

I walked around for 30 minutes. I eventually found a path that I recognized from last semester and thank god I parked in the same parking lot that I always do. I had briefly considered parking somewhere else. I got in my car and felt really pathetic. I’ve spent a lot of time at this campus, I should know my way around by now, but I don’t.

One of my biggest fears is getting irretrievably lost.

– R

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