Week 2 of 2013- Am I getting stuff done?

Just before 2012 came to a close I posted  BUCKET LISTS AND RESOLUTIONS and for myself an important part of goal setting is staying on track. So.. how am I doing?

  1. Do well in school. Starting January 8th I’ll be a part-time student. I’m scared. I’m nervous. I’m ready. I’m a student. It’s official. It happened. Tuesday evening I printed off my course outline and a map of campus and off I went. I was hella nervous. I parked in some obscure parking lot and promptly got lost trying to find the book store. I found the campus pub instead. Turns out the book store is in the same building as the pub. Handy. I picked up my text books and then attempted to find the library. I got lost. Again. And again. And again. Eventually I found a group of young guys (first years) and smiled my sweetest smile and asked for directions. One of them practically walked me to the library, and then I had to get the hell out of dodge because he told me he liked my blue hair and did I want to grab a coffee sometime… sorry dude. Married. And way too old for you. Made it to the library and got my student ID. That’s what made it official for me, I have a student ID. And then I went to go find my class. I got lost. Why did I even bother bringing the map? And then I found where I thought I was supposed to be. Instead of writing down my class number, I wrote down my instructor’s office number. AWKWARD. Then I had to go hide and look up my class location on my Blackberry. MOST. FRUSTRATING. EXPERIENCE. EVER. Whatever, got lost a couple more times and eventually found my class. Class was great. I have homework already. I think I like school. I think I’ll like it more once I figure out how to get around campus. The remainder of my courses start February 20th. I’m doing okay.
  2. Continue writing and tweeting for WFLBC. Yeah, haven’t started this yet. Soon.
  3. Renovate the bathrooms. We’ve had all the materials for over a year, we just need to start. Nope.
  4. Run 10km a week. This may seem like a small amount, but I am laughably slow. This I have actually started. I tweeted: First run of 2013: I’m gonna die. I didn’t die. I did really well. I felt great. My running partner and I have a training schedule and everything. I’ve run 8 km this week already. Go me! I think that I’ll have to increase the number of kilometres, I’ve only gone running twice this week and I underestimated my awesomeness. Guess who is looking forward to a hot bod this summer… THIS GIRL.
  5. Continue with the Monday evening tradition that has become family dinner with my mom and sister. We had dinner together on New Years Day, but had to cancel for this week because our living room is in a state of chaos. We will resume next week.
  6. Read a book a month for pleasure. Again, no small feat as I’ll be working full time and attending classes 12 hours a week, and then homework. Nope. 
  7. Go sailing. It’s been years since I was on a boat and I REALLY MISS IT. It’s January, come on..
  8. Use my yacht club membership. If anything, it’s an excellent place to network and eat lunch. Nope. No time right now.
  9. Try yoga and meditation. I’ve been praying if that counts as meditation… but somehow I don’t think so.
  10. Pay attention to what I am eating- where it comes from, sustainability, GMO free… easier said than done. I’m about to become stupidly busy. FAILING BIG TIME.
  11. Put $5,000 into savings on top of what is already being saved. Too busy to spend money, does that count? No? Then nope.
  12. Volunteer my time for an organization dedicated to elevating girls in the world. Nope.
  13.  Sing in public. Maybe Rodyltin has a chance after all. I’ve booked singing lessons! I’ve started singing LOUD. I’m head over heels in love with Hannah Georgas right now, so I’m bringing a few of her songs with me to my first lesson in a couple of weeks.
  14. Generally just be a rockstar. Blue hair. Voice lessons. I go to the gym. EXCEEDING BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS.
  15. Solidify my love of all things space related with a tattoo. I’m collaborating with a couple of people to create something that is worth putting on me forever. This is a big deal.
  16. Be free. Enjoy life. Keep laughing. This is surprisingly coming more naturally to me than I anticipated. The ‘be free’ part is a struggle sometimes, I tend to over-think and read into things. However, I saw my uncle yesterday and he told my mom that I am way too bubbly and upbeat for my own damn good. I’ll take it!
  17. Take every opportunity to stare at the stars. Crappy Vancouver weather… so I read space blogs. Last year I was reading mom blogs. How things have changed.
  18. Visit one far-away Twitter friend. The plans are in the works. Not sure how I’m going to justify it when we have family in England and France that need visiting, but I’ll find a way.
  19. Let go of a couple of vices. Those who know, know.  I think they are bringing me down and preventing me from reaching my potential. Ummm FAIL.
  20. Eat more spinach. Working on it.

I’m feeling upbeat most of the time. I’ve been singing my heart out and not giving a damn. I’ve been listening to music while I run, and it makes me want to sing while I’m running, but I don’t because that is weird. Whatever, I am embracing my weirdness. I’m just being me. Shine bright like a galaxy (Rihanna can shove it.) I am really motivated to have a productive year. I went and bought the rest of the Good Fucking Design Advice mugs, and the Show some fucking passion. t-shirt for good measure.

On that note, how are your goals for 2013 coming along? Bret? Carly? Matty? Scott? Yeah, I’m calling you out and holding you accountable, friends.


10 thoughts on “Week 2 of 2013- Am I getting stuff done?

  1. I’m still assessing what I want and/or need to change. Can’t really point to any major progress yet. I am in a much better headspace since New Year’s, though, for some reason or other.

  2. That is a large and not exactly manageable list. The key to goal setting is making it realistic and embracing that challenge. You need to cut, like, 15 things off that thing.

    Change is hard, but necessary for growth. Push yourself. It’s wicked fun.

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