Songs for September 25, 2013

I felt like putting a playlist together of what I’m listening to aujourd’hui. Listen on youtube here

Grouplove – Ways to Go
Franz Ferdinand – The Universe Expanded
HAIM – The Wire
Death Cab for Cutie – Lack of Colour
Beck – I Won’t Be Long
Mother Mother – Dread in My Heart
Fleet Foxes – Blue Spotted Tail
Big Wreck – Albatross
Neko Case – Night Still Comes
The Dudes – Good Intentions
City and Colour – The Golden State
Royal Canoe – Exodus of the Year
Airborne Toxic Event – Changing
Dragonette – Easy

“The Universe E…

“The Universe Expanded – Franz Ferdinand”

I’ll give you each love letter back
We’ll laugh before every joke is told
We’ll pose after every photograph
Has been removed from the negative

With every smile we lose a line
Watch the stars fall back into the sky
Cork the wine
Unbake a cake
Take the dog back to the RSPCA

But I don’t mind losing you this time

I’ll meet you coming backwards
I’ll meet you coming back
When the universe has expanded
Time will contract
You’ll come back
I’ll meet you coming backwards
Next time

We make-up start an argument
Tears crawl back into your…
I turn from a friend
Of your friend
Forget your name forevermore

But I don’t mind losing you this time

I’ll meet you coming backwards…
Yes I’ll meet you coming back
But we move forwards
Into emptiness
Into the void
Into the universe

We’ll part as happy strangers
From a long friendship
That grew from
Such a love

I’m a space, music, and love enthusiast and this song does everything for me. It embodies everything bittersweet. If you could lose a love backwards, imagine all those bad moments followed by good ones, fading into the abyss. Oh my heart. If only I could love some people in reverse…

Anthems for a 27 year old girl

All the cool girls are turning 27 tomorrow. Just me? Okay. It’s my blog I can say these things if I want to.

Birthday wishes:

  • To be surrounded by friends and people that love me
  • Cheek kisses
  • Karaoke
  • An iPhone
  • Sunshine


  • I am a good person
  • I am loved
  • I can let my light shine if I want to


A break in the weather brought to you by Ro

Spring is here… but it snowed today… WHAT IS HAPPENING?

School update- I’m almost finished. I just have three exams next week. I’ve been up until at least 1am consistently every night for the last ten days trying to get final papers and projects finished or I’ve been awake stressing about it. On Tuesday night I presented and defended my first piece of technical documentation and I am fairly confident that I did well. I still have to wrap up my editing piece, and then my technical writing styles final project. Almost done… six more days. I CAN DO THIS. No I can’t. YES I CAN. No, I think I’m just going to curl up into a ball and die. NO YOU WON’T. Yes I will. <—- Me, every day.

Life has been stressful. I’m working full time and attending classes three nights a week and my employer doesn’t know that I’m in school. I’m dealing with stuff at home. A friend passed away and that derailed me for a bit. People are moving away, and I’m not good at goodbyes. I’ve abandoned my bucket list and resolutions for the time being, I just need to survive the next six days. I could use a lot of hugs and reassurance right now. And then… and then…

I was laying in bed at 1:30am this morning and I realized that I’m looking forward to putting my life back together. I’ve taken a three month sabbatical from being domestic in any way shape or form. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cooked a meal. Or cleaned. And I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I miss it. I used to be a domestic goddess. I cooked, I baked, I sewed, I cleaned sometimes, I went to the gym, and I read books cover to cover. I also realized that while the next six days will totally suck, it will be over soon and I have a lot to look forward to:

  • SHOWS! In April alone I’m going to see The Airborne Toxic Event, The Dudes and The Zolas with Julia, and the ever fine Hannah Georgas with Tiffy and Jenny 
  • Cherry blossoms
  • The trees are starting to grow leaves again and greenification has already begun
  • My lady love Jaime is going to come for a visit or two, girl I cannot wait for this
  • Taking my sister to Jurrasic Park 3D
  • I’ll be participating in the Sun Run, despite the fact that I haven’t trained in over a month. I hope I don’t die
  • Replanting my herb garden- basil, oregano, dill, mint, chives, and terragon
  • May 2, aka THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR, is my birthday (and Julia’s too, hooray birthday buddy!)
  • I’m finally going to Sasquatch Music Festival for the US Memorial Day weekend, and not only is the line up awesome, but some of my favourite people will be there
  • June 6th is adult night at the aquarium and this time I’m bringing a flask since they made me buy food the last time I wanted a glass of wine at adult night
  • Setting up my outdoor spaces
  • The days are getting lighter, eventually the weather will improve, and the patios will open
  • Camping and campfires
  • Going to the lake
  • BBQ’s on the beach
  • Or just BBQing. Everything tastes better on the BBQ, even pizza. Mmmmm. Pizza. Wait, I can have that now if I want. Yay!
  • Picnics in the park
  • Lunch in the park- let’s be real, I never stopped having lunch in the park. I live for that shit
  • Sunglasses
  • Mini skirts, tank tops, bikinis, and sandals
  • Fireworks
  • Suntanning beside the pool
  • Driving just after the sun has set with all the windows open and the music turned up
  • Road trip to Oregon and California
  • Squamish Valley Music Festival and camping and debauchery
  • Bike rides around the Seawall
  • Popsicles and boozy slurpies
  • Fish and chips at Pajos
  • WRECK BEACH because aint nobody got time for clothes
  • Speaking of no clothes, does anyone remember Camp Naked from last summer on twitter? That will be starting again. When it gets warm, NO CLOTHES
  • Stargazing. This one just cannot come fast enough. The telescope is always ready to go
  • Warm nights on the deck playing cards and listening to music
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Reading in the sun
  • Drive In movies and movies in the park
  • I also mentioned to someone that I wanted to build a blanket fort outside in my yard and have drinks in it – AHEM NATALIE, ARE YOU READING THIS?
  • Scott and Lyndsey, I’d really love to be invited to Green Lake again and I promise to return your sleeping bags and bring my own bedding to the cabin and some delicious treats and booze and bug spray and whatever else

I feel better just looking at this list. Good things are coming, people. Keep moving forward.

Here, listen to this while you’re here because it’s great.

Ro Goes Screen Printing

For a point in time I was addicted to buying discount vouchers. I bought them for workshops, restaurants, hotel stays, spas etc. The very first one that I redeemed was a sauna and massage package and that was a disaster. In light of that, I’ve been a lot more careful about what I commit myself to.

I found a Social Shopper voucher for a screen printing workshop at Blim in Vancouver. Last week I finally got around to booking it to keep myself occupied because the husband is away. I took myself for dinner at Acme Cafe (did you know I write for What’s for Lunch BC, too? Check it out) and attended Level 1 Screen Printing and it was AWESOME! I want to screen print everything. My particular class had 3 other adults and 4 kids in it. The kids were really distracting and sometimes a little harrowing as I tried to protect my own work from their messy hands. Did you know that Blim also offers a children’s workshop?

The burned screen after it's water bath

We watched a home made instructional video which was followed by a live demo. There is nothing high-tech about the process except for the emulsion and burning process. My image was printed on a transparency sheet, laid on the screen under a sheet of glass and suntanned under a 1,000 watt lightbulb for 6 minutes. I washed my screen in a water bath and voila! My image appeared on the screen. Neato.

I used super colour, which is more like paint, since my scarf was a little darker, rather than the water-based dyes. The process is easy enough- put paint along the top and use a squeegee to distribute it.

Adding super colour to my screen

It’s a process to change colours because you have to wash and air dry your screen each time. I staggered my image and used three different colours and I really like the look.

Distributing the colour or completing a pass

The first print, yep it's a diamond. Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend!

A big thank you to Yuriko at Blim for being ever so patient!

In search of perfect skin- part 1

I want perfect skin, but for the last year it’s been a struggle. Maybe because I started going to the gym and was sweating more? I shower on a regular basis, wash my face in the morning and evening, use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Twice a week I exfoliate and do a face mask. I only use spa-grade products, recommended especially for me, because I have sensitive skin. Most products either cause me to break out or my skin gets really red, or I get a chemical burn.  AND still my pores seem to be out of control. First-world girl problems, I am aware.

And then I found Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask. On the very first application I noticed a few things:

  • it feels like a cream as opposed to clay
  • no tingling/burning sensation
  • does not dry on your skin
  • only one application required a week
  • chemical exfoliation, no need for anything abrasive to clear away dead skin cells and build up

I was able to keep it on my skin for the full 15 minutes without any ill effects. I wiped it off and my skin was baby smooth and it looked fabulous. No redness, no tightness, no dryness. My pores were almost non-existent. I used this mask before bed, and the next morning my face was still looking pretty. I give Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask an A+ and I’m going to check out the rest of their skin care line. I’ll let you know what I find.

You can buy it on their website, here, or here. Always buy your beauty products from a trusted retailer.

Happy face washing!

Meet Odilia-lisseth Batrez Torres

Meet Odilia


Meet our first child, Odilia-lisseth Batrez Torres. She’s six years old and she’s from El Salvador. Russ and I are sponsoring her for the next 12 months, and hopefully until she no longer needs to be sponsored.

I’ve had a heaviness on my heart for a while. I know I need to do something to elevate girls in the world. There is an excellent organization called Because I am a Girl, which is part of Plan Canada. and you should watch this video about why I specifically chose a girl to sponsor. 

For $37 a month, Russ and I are ensuring that Odilia will go to school, have access to clean water, healthcare, and sanitation. It doesn’t take much to change lives. I know it’s just one life, but helping anyone is better than helping no one. It is important to give your time and be aware of what is happening in the world.

Even though I don’t think it should mean anything, because helping is helping, Plan Canada is not affiliated with a Christian organization.


One of the onesies, and an example of my bad-assness

I love onesies.

A onesie is a one-piece garment intended for an infant or a child, and I’m about the same size as a 12 year old child. In that light, I feel it is my absolute duty to wear a onesie. Mine come from Target in the children’s department. I have a moose-camo print (pictured left,) a rainbow leopard print, and a skull and cross bones print onesie for when I feel like a bad ass. I’m still waiting for an occasion where it is acceptable to party in my onesies. I’m thinking camping?  Anyone want to go camping? I’d settle for a tent in the living room.

For the rest of you weirdos looking for adult sizes, they are available here, here, and here.